Artificial Intelligence on Business



AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is now increasingly widespread and will continue to affect human life. The adoption of this AI technology in companies or organizations is predicted to increase because of the various benefits that are presented to them, such as increasing customer satisfaction or minimizing the risk of bad investments.

What exactly is meant by AI? AI is a computer system that has human-like intelligence. In simple terms, AI is a computer system that can imitate human behavior in completing tasks such as analyzing data, understanding patterns, recognizing the surrounding environment and making decisions. The very rapid development of AI is also supported by our entry into the digital era and the Internet of Things (IoT), which makes all data able to be digitized and captured from anywhere quickly, even directly or in real time.


AI Classification

  1. Strong AI, where AI has cognitive abilities like humans in general. When given a task that has not been recognized, the AI system will find a solution for each given task with its intelligence.
  2. Weak AI, this AI system is designed to complete certain recognized tasks, for example: Apple Siri and Google Assistant.

Examples of the application of AI today are in the latest technology services, research, consumer behavior analysis, fraud detection, market forecasting, monitoring network security and automating work.


AI Against Business


With the presence of AI that has the potential to increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy in almost all fields, there is a concern that the role and function of humans in various aspects of work will be replaced. Business people realize this opportunity to grow their business. Companies that use AI technology are proven to have a competitive advantage, being able to reduce operating costs and also human resources.

Keep in mind, AI was not created to replace the role of a complete human. However, there are some types of human work that can be replaced by AI systems. This AI technology creates many new opportunities that we might not think about right now, because there is so much that can be explored in this technology. Examples of the creation of new opportunities such as data scientists, business intelligence, scrum masters, and others where previously we could not think of opportunities like this.




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