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As a Junior Developer?, Know this



Becoming a software developer is one of the most difficult careers you can undertake. As a beginner, it might seem like robot science. In this article, we explain what a junior developer should know to more smoothly continue your journey to a senior developer

Focus on learning one thing

Many Junior Developers try to learn all at once. It is true that computer science has many possibilities in terms of tools and ideas. This method should not be too interesting, maybe this is the source of your difficulty in learning something. The sciences in the world of software developers must be focused one by one. An example of this method is learning a programming language until you really understand the language. Trying to learn several programming languages at once may have a negative effect on you.

Request only for good developers

Many say “software developers are in high demand”, but in reality most companies and organizations are looking for good software developers and not the average developer.

Being a good programmer is not the same as being a good developer.

Before explaining that being a good programmer is not the same as being a good developer, we should understand the difference between a programmer and a developer. A programmer is a person who is only able to write computer programs to solve problems, while a developer is a programmer who implements or develops a system according to the given requirements, a developer is a person who participates in the development stage of software maintenance.


A good developer is one who adheres to good engineering practices. Why is being a good programmer not the same as being a good developer? The smartest code is usually unreadable, while this is a good thing in competitive programmers, it’s the other way around in software developers. If you are a developer, you will most likely have to work in a team, even if not in a team, other developers will have to work on the code you write. Being a good developer is not only able to write code to solve problems, but it is also readable, maintainable and extensible.

Have a difference

In the midst of so much competition, be like no other. The overall value of a developer depends on what is offered, and is not owned by anyone else. Don’t worry even though you already have a lot of experience in software development it might be a tiring thing. But when you’re new to the field of software development, try to stand out a bit from the rest because it allows you to make an impact, without having a lot of experience.

Everything takes time

Beginners tend to think they can condense 5 years of experience to 6 months of coding. The main key to developing software developer skills is consistency. No need to spend eight hours a day improving skills. Remember to rest, the brain is a muscle and needs adequate rest.




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