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Importance of SEO



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a website optimization action that is carried out to get the top ranking in search results. By getting top ranking in search results, the potential to get a lot of organic traffic is also greater. Organic Traffic is visitors to a website, where these visitors access through search engines without any advertising. In addition to getting organic traffic, SEO can help get the right traffic.


How SEO Works


After explaining the meaning of SEO, some of you must be wondering how does SEO work? Search engines have certain algorithms to determine whether content is worthy of being ranked at the top of search results. Currently, there are many search engines available such as Google, Yahoo, Edge and others. In this discussion we take an example from Google. Google itself is always updating its algorithm to provide relevant search results for its users. There are various ways that SEO is done, which are as follows:


  1. Crawling is surfing the internet for content, looking for code/content for every URL they come across.
  2. Indexing is storing and managing content found in the crawling process. Once indexed, the page is in the process of being displayed as a relevant search result.
  3. Ranking provides the pieces of content that best match what you’re looking for, which means that search results are sorted from most relevant to least relevant.


SEO Benefits


SEO has many benefits for website or blog owners. The impact depends on the purpose of the website itself, such as an online store website coupled with SEO, with SEO product sales will increase, and consumers will keep coming back, here are some of the benefits of SEO, such as:

  • More website visitors because the keywords are right on target.
  • Search keywords in accordance with the search target, then customers will continue to come.
  • Search cache in Search Engine becomes the most important
  • The easier it is to find, the greater the chance that the product will be purchased by the market.
  • SEO optimization is an investment for personal or business branding




It can be concluded that SEO plays an important role in the success of a digital-based business in this case utilizing websites and search engines, so the products or services that we have will be easier to find using search engines, so there will be more potential customers from our products or services.




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