What is a Data Scientist?

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Augmented Reality on WEB

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Importance of SEO

SEO Search Engine Optimization, concept for promoting ranking traffic on website, optimizing your website to rank in search engines or SEO.

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As a Junior Developer?, Know this

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Artificial Intelligence on Business

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is now increasingly widespread and will continue to affect human life. The adoption of this AI technology in companies or organizations is predicted to increase because of the various benefits that are presented to them, such as increasing customer satisfaction or minimizing the risk of bad investments. What exactly is meant… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence on Business

What Is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is the third generation of internet, where there will be websites and applications that will be able to process information in a human-like manner. Web 3.0 was originally called the Semantic Web by World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, and was intended to be a more independent, intelligent, and open internet. Where data… Continue reading What Is Web 3.0?